About Ceidra

The global environmental crisis exacerbated by climate change is one of the major concerns of the 21st century. Through several conventions and multi-lateral agreements, the call for better environmental performance and responsible practices by the private sector as the government provide stimulus through the right policy has never been louder.

At Ceidra, we try to solve this problem by helping businesses internalize their environmental and social externalities to meet various demands that include regulatory and legal, market demands, investors and stakeholders, corporate social responsibility, and more. We believe the environment and society are inherent to economic development and thus help reconnect businesses with sustainability by stimulating its culture and integration with decision-making processes.

tree in savannah climate; consulting

Corporate Declaration

Ceidra is a consultancy for biodiversity management and environmental sustainability. We engage businesses to reduce their impact and dependencies on nature with bespoke strategies and solutions.

01 | Our Vision

We have a VISION of a prosperous African business ecosystem with minimal environmental footprint and social inclusion.

02 | Our Mission

Our MISSION is to promote sustainable development with the private sector by managing biodiversity impacts and dependencies through bespoke strategies and solutions.

03 | Our Values

The passion for Sustainable Development, fostering healthy Partnerships, and bringing Robustness into the delivery of our objectives are the VALUES that drive us.

Our Team

We are a team of competent professionals with expertise in natural resource management, biodiversity conservation, environmental risk management, ecological studies, socio-economic assessments and sustainability. Together, we have a cumulative experience of over 60 years working with government MDAs, the private sector, local communities, civil societies, and international organisations in Nigeria and around the globe.